How Headache Tree Causes Cluster Headache and Migraine

in medicine, biology

Researchers have now identified the mechanism by which the plant California laurel, also known as headache tree, causes headache and migraine. They discovered that headache is caused when a bioactive compound released from the leaves of this plant triggers a cascade of chemical events in trigeminal nerves around head arteries. 

Molecular Pentafoil Knot - Tying molecules in knots

in technology

Scientists now report the synthesis of the most complex non-DNA molecular knot prepared to date. They created a 160-atom-loop with five crossing points, a molecular pentafoil knot. The molecular knot created is a self-assembly of five bis-aldehyde and five bis-amine building blocks about five metal cations (Iron) and one chloride anion.

Metabolic protein plays unexpected role in tumor cell formation and growth

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New findingsindings point to possible personalized brain tumor therapy with Src inhibitors. The embryonic enzyme pyruvate kinase M2 (PKM2) has a well-established role in metabolism and is highly expressed in human cancers.

Atomic Force Microscopy Solves Cell Wall Mechanics Problem

in biology

In one of the first applications of atomic force microscopy to the study of tissue and cell mechanics in development, a team of scientists from France and Switzerland linked the changes in cell wall mechanics and chemical modifications of the cell wall structure to organ emergence and patterning.

Brains Come Wired for Cooperation

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The brain is built for cooperative activity, whether it be dancing on a reality television show, constructing a skyscraper or  working in an office, according to a study led by Johns Hopkins behavioral neuroscientist Eric Fortune and published in the November 4 issue of the journal Science.

Hippocampus plays bigger memory role than previously thought

in biology

Human memory has historically defied precise scientific description, its biological functions broadly but imperfectly defined in psychological terms.

Albino Spider - A New Species Of Spider Identified

in environment, biology

A new species of spider, the white-headed, black and brown-legged spider about the size of a 50-cent piece, found near Northam in Western Australia, was captured in a jar and handed to the Northam office of the Department of Environment and Conservation.

Lung regeneration closer to reality?

in medicine

Researchers reports that they have uncovered the biochemical signals in mice that trigger generation of new lung alveoli, the numerous, tiny, grape-like sacs within the lung where oxygen exchange takes place. Specifically, the regenerative signals originate from the specialized endothelial cells that line the interior of blood vessels in the lung.