Hyperloop One selects ten routes including two Hyperloop routes in India in the Global Challenge.

19 Sep in technology

From the more than 2600 projects submitted ten routes were selected as winners of the Global Challenge. According to Hyperloop One the Challenge drew broad support from government leaders, and unleashed bold ideas from some of the world’s most creative companies, engineers, and urban planners. The longest route connects two major cities in India, Mumbai and Chennai.The winning routes are: Canada | Toronto-Montreal India | Bengaluru-Chennai India | Mumbai-Chennai Mexico | Mexico City-Guadalajara UK | Edinburgh-London UK | Glasgow-Liverpool US | Chicago-Columbus-Pittsburgh US | Miami-Orlando US | Cheyenne-Denver-Pueblo US | Dallas-Laredo-HoustonToronto-Montreal Route: The proposal would connect Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto and create a Canadian megaregion covering as much as a quarter of the country’s population.Toronto - Montreal is 640 km, it will be a 39 min travel.The The Bengaluru-Chennai Industrial Corridor will pass through Kolar, Palamaner, Chittoor, Kanchipuram connecting two major South Indian Cities. The travel time will be 23 minutes for the 334 km distance.The Mumbai-Chennai Hyperloop route proposal would provide a crucial East-West connection across India. From the major port city of Mumbai (Bombay) route will be through Pune, Kolhapur, Dharwad, Tumakuru, Bengaluru, Vellore and Chennai (Madras). This is a 1102 Km route with an estimated 63 min travel time.The Mexico proposal would transform the Bajio region of Mexico and upgrade the country’s infrastructure profile. This is a 532 km route with a 38 min travel time.The UK Edinburgh-London Hyperloop passenger system would run through London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Edinburgh. Distance: 666 km and travel time 50 min.The UK Glasgow-Liverpool proposal bridges the gap between the M62 Corridor and the Scottish Central Belt, with Newcastle as the nexus. Distance: 545 km with a travel time of 47 min.Pittsburgh, Columbus, and Chicago route would transform the movement of goods and people in the Midwest, and leapfrog these communities into the next century. Chicago to Pittsburgh is 785 Km with a travel time of 47 min.The Miami-Orlando hyperloop will connect the two cities and has the potential to extend further north into other states. Distance: 414 km and travel time: 25 min.The Cheyenne-Denver-Pueblo-Vail is essential a two hyperloop, with Cheyenne-Peuiblo route bifurcating in Denver to Vail. The total route length is 580 km With Denver to Pueblo travel within 15 minutes (183 km).Texas triangle loop is also not a single route. The loop from DFW airport to Laredo bifurcates in San Antonio and this route continues to Houston Port. The US Dallas-Laredo-Houston proposal would create a system of cities that unify Texas’ prominent urban centers and serve the many Texans commuting long distances every day. Total distance is 1030 km.